Things have been pretty busy, and last week I was in a Linux Device Drivers class that lacked an internet connection. That was okay, I mean you really had to stick your head in all of it for a few hours at a time, and this or my email would have been too distracting. I also skipped out on Wushu for more than a week because I was going crazy. Hopefully the craziness has subsided and I’ll be well enough to go there, but I really was not in the right mindset to show up so its for the best.



July is not the optimal time to visit the Magic Kingdom, unless you plan on going only after the sun goes down to escape the unforgiving sun. Besides the heat, it was a lot of fun. My feet are still killing me from all the walking and standing :) We went with my In-laws, which was Michele’s parents, her brother’s family ( wife and 3 daughters ), and Michele’s cousin Brenda.

HTPC Project

2007-06-27 | #Geekyness #HTPC

Just a photo update on my htpc project. A look inside: The new water block (exciting huh? oh sure it looks identical to the last but thats not the point The Fusion5 Lite HDTV Tuner, X-Mystique 7.1 DD5.1 live! soundcard and the Geforece 7300 w/HDMI out: Shot of Fearless (HD DVD version): Another shot, i liked the color contrast here: I am currently using PowerDVD Ultra 7.2: And lastly, a shot of Batman Begins (HD DVD): Now of course all these pictures cannot really convey the detail of the setup, and really, it isn’t a HUGE improvement over a well mastered DVD, but my set only does 1280x720p and not the prefered 1920x1080p.

Young Sherlock Holmes

2007-06-24 | #movies

Move Poster Young Sherlock Holmes After playing the game, I got a hankering for one of my cherished childhood movies, Young Sherlock Holmes. I could have pulled out the laserdisc player, dusted off my LD copy of YSH, hooked up the player via svideo to my tv… aww thats a lot of work. They recently released it on DVD so I’ll just grab that. I’ve bitched about DVD covers before, mostly Jet Li movies, but the new cover: Terrible DVD cover Its horrible compared to the original movie sheet (the one I used above).

Wushu West 2007 06 19

2007-06-19 | #wushu

Well, around 4:30 Michele called me to say that she would get the kids from my Mom’s place, and she then encouraged me to go to wushu. YAY! So, I got there a few minutes after 6, Peter was there with the kids so I did the warm up with them. Jogged around, did a little jump rope, and then really tried to stretch out my very painful right leg. Jane has a similar injury, so we did as much as we could to loosen up our right side.

Wushu West 2007 06 14


I didn’t go, there was no wushu for me on Thursday. I got caught at work finishing a task for someone higher up the food chain, and I didn’t really want to delay the task any longer. I started that without thinking at 4:30, and I ended up having to do a lot more work than expected. So I finished with that around 5:30, but the next day (which is today) I had to upgrade the firmware on a Storedge raid array and I wanted to be prepared for that.

Wushu West 2007 06 12

2007-06-12 | #wushu

As you guessed, it was a small class tonight. I didn’t have ANY coffee either, no headache’s but I also wasn’t moving around as fast as I think I should. I felt very sluggish and heavy. As before, we did 25 front/outside/inside/snap-kick punch/heel–kick & push-palm non stop, and this time it didn’t hurt so bad. I mean, we all felt it in our legs, but we could finish alright enough. John, or as Pierre insists, “EA Guy” wanted to know what they did in China and asked for preparations.


2007-05-02 | #Geekyness #HTPC

HTPC = Home Theater Personal Computer NG = Next Generation. But, I’ve used the NG moniker for the second time, but whats after next gen? Voyager? I’m not that dedicated to Star Trek so it stays at next gen. Some number of months ago I was tired of the loud cpu cooling fan, so I went the way of water cooling. It’s been pretty nice, you can still hear the water pump but at least when the processor is pegged the cpu fan doesn’t spin up to 5000 rpm’s and drown out the audio.

Wushu West 2007-05-01

2007-05-01 | #wushu

Really the highlight of the class was James latest injury: One of the links on his chain whip has a rough edge, the dart itself just popped him, but the link is what made the cut. Not much else though, but I am writing about it two days later. Work has been too busy to do this sort of thing the day after. Oh, Kenny has the SOFTEST legs I’ve ever felt.

Wushu West 2007 04 24

2007-04-24 | #wushu

I’m really tired, so this will be short. I spent half the day in Santa Clara for work ( Splunk is a cool log tool!), got back to my office around 2pm and Patti had called. She bought a new laptop and was wondering if we could setup a time for me to get it up and configured. Well, since I blew it last Thursday, and this Thursday I wont make it to class due to a dinner thing, I decided to blow off work :)