Elden Ring

2022-05-24 | #FromSoft #Games #Reviews

WARNING! This post has spoilers. Both in text and images. Do not read beyond the summary if you do not want anything spoiled. Summary I have had the pleasure to sit down with Aaron McNair, Orrin Luc, Zac Frazier and the profile-less Kevin McNair on The Jump Crouch Podcast, where we got to do our spoiler-cast for Elden Ring. With that released in the wild, I will summarize and expand on some of my comments since I can’t seem to remember to mention everything in my notes.

New ZFS Pool

2022-05-23 | #FreeBSD #Geekyness #ZFS

I was fortunate enough to get some free drives from someone at work. They live in Austin, and offered up a big heavy box of hard drives to anyone who would pay for shipping. I’ve had a very simple ZFS pool for around 5 years now, composed of 3 2TB drives in a raidz1 with a cold spare. There have been no issues, I scrub them monthly, however ever since I placed my /home volume onto the ZFS pool, I noticed some large delays when working with a git repo.

Fixing My Deployment Process


It has been a while since I have changed my blogging workflow, and I think I’ve finally made a measurable change. After all, I am an SRE with dev experience. I know how I’m supposed to do these things. Okay, so, lets quickly go over what this blog is. It is no longer wordpress, and it is no longer hosted by a friend I’ve been using a static site generator since 2013, but I’ve settled on Hugo for some time now.

Games of 2021

2022-01-04 | #Games

A few friends of mine do a Podcast called The Jump Crouch and they asked if I wanted to do a quick phone-in recording of my 2021 year in gaming. Absolutely. I also think I can flesh out a bit more since I was compressing as much as I could for time. I went ahead and scoured my purchases and playtimes across: Steam Epic Games UPlay Battle.net Xbox PSN With that, here is the full 2021 play list:

Laptop Repair

2021-12-06 | #Geekyness #Repair

This has been a challenging school year. My son not only had to go from Elementary school, to fully remote during the COVID lockdown, then all of a sudden to middle school in full swing. To say he “greatly dislikes” middle school is an understatement. He struggles with the material, but, during the fully remote learning environment he really had some at home advantages. Most notably, he was able to use his Desktop PC for school.

Syslog to New Relic Logs

2021-03-11 | #Geekyness #Logging #UNIX

Dashboard DISCLAIMER: I work for New Relic (at the time of this post). I am not being paid or asked to write this, my blog is my own personal thoughts and experiences. I set up a personal account to use New Relic for FREE, with one goal in mind: migrate from Papertrail to NR Logs. Why? I work there and I wanted to dog food a specific aspect of New Relic’s Logging product: TCP syslog

The Floor Project

2020-09-12 | #Home Projects

Some things I keep lying to myself about; things I promise to myself I will never do again. Mostly things like moving furniture or large home projects. However, I must be a glutton for punishment (or I like saving thousands of dollars) because here I am again installing pergo flooring. Since this is my third home, and it was built new, you would think I/we would have learned our lesson by now.

Gym Class

2020-06-02 | #weight lifting

Since March, our school district has converted over to a remote learning platform. This is by far the most interesting experience we have go through with our two kids and their school work. Some of the benefits are they get to manage their work like you would in the real world. They can both work on their projects at any time of the day, any day of the week. Sometimes we’ll help Owen knock out the majority of his school work during the weekend.

Stratum 1 Raspberry Pi Time Server

2020-04-12 | #Chrony #Geekyness #GPS #NTP #RaspberryPi

simple munin metrics I use two raspberry pi’s as my home’s silent and invisible infrastructure. No one in the house can tell you what they do. One could say they serve no real purpose, as my little Ubiquiti router can actually do the majority of what I run on these two micro space heaters. Their real purpose is to scratch an itch at a very low price point Currently, infra-1 and infra-2 are:

Working Remote


First, here is a link to a blog post that was created based on a talk Kat Dober and I did at our companies product offsite: How to Manage Remote Engineering Teams So, if you want a TL;DR there it is. I have worked at New Relic for 3 1/2 years now. When I first interviewed and joined, the work culture was strongly based on co-locating engineers. Even the office setup was geared towards this environment as it highly encouraged spontaneous collaboration and flexible meeting spaces.