Wushu West 2007 06 12


As you guessed, it was a small class tonight. I didn’t have ANY coffee either, no headache’s but I also wasn’t moving around as fast as I think I should. I felt very sluggish and heavy.

As before, we did 25 front/outside/inside/snap-kick punch/heel–kick & push-palm non stop, and this time it didn’t hurt so bad. I mean, we all felt it in our legs, but we could finish alright enough. John, or as Pierre insists, “EA Guy” wanted to know what they did in China and asked for preparations. Well, it has been a year but I tried to remember the bulk of exercises we did. Mostly basics and little longfist combo’s, so we did a lot wheeling arms, front and back sweeps, and body turns.

Pierre and I both did 3 sets of 50 leg lifts at the end, and that was kind of cool since we haven’t done that many since MARK was here.

On, I got an email from James today, he’s still reading this AND he told Sifu we are still working hard. That means we have to keep it up for she’ll just be disappointed :)