the shed

2009-07-19 | #Caralyne #General #Owen

This title sounds like a horror movie title. We ordered a large 8x12 shed, and oh goody, it arrived on possibly the hottest weekend this month. When Michele went to get lunch, she reported that her car said it was 105, but then cooled off to 101. I really don’t think I have ever worked that long, and that hard in heat like this. I had my Step Dad (Jim… I mean, Mike) today, and my Father in Law (Curt) yesterday and today.

zfs updated in freebsd 7 2

2009-07-18 | #FreeBSD #Geekyness #ZFS

FreeBSD 7.x has been using version 6 of ZFS, and originally only 8.0 was going to have the newly updated ZFS version: 13. Last week the core team MFC’d (Merge From Current) the ZFS updates to 7.2, so I cvsup’d and re-build my server’s kernel and world ( with a simple “make buildworld && make buildkernel && make installworld && make installkernel ), rebooted, and now I have the latest ZFS version running:

the half life of timofey berezin pu 239

2009-06-23 | #based on a book #Movies

This movie was released here in the US, though HBO, as Pu-239. It is based on a short story with the above title. Poor Timofey, he works as an engineer in some type of reactor. There was an accident, and he was exposed to 1000 REMs in a few minutes. They read this from his Dosimeter which I though was cool. This isn’t about his half-life, but the very painful last two days of his life while he tries to obtain enough money for his family to live on.

while my guitar gently weeps

2009-06-14 | #Geekyness #guitar repair #Jackson JS20

Over the past year I’ve had a slight resurgence in playing the guitar. Owen likes music, especially the guitar, and I’ve threatened a few times to dust off the electric guitar and really make some noise. After listening to a substantial amount of Pink Floyd, I got the urge (after 10 years of not playing) to pull everything down and get it all set up. I then hit a very unfortunate snag with my old Jackson JS20, the nut had chipped.

alaskan vacation part 2 the cruise day 89 tracy arm fjord

2009-06-03 | #Alaska #Caralyne #Family #Owen

I felt cheated today, I had to rush out of the room at 8am to see the iceberg that we were scheduled to see at 11am. I have had to wake up at 7 or so everyday, and the night before I was adamant (with myself anyway, I didn’t express this to anyone else) that I was going to sleep in, this is after all a vacation. Captain Rick had a different plan, and announced on the PA system at 8 that we were about to depart from the iceberg and head to Victora, BC, after another two days at sea.

alaskan vacation part 2 the cruise day 67 juneau and skagway

2009-06-02 | #Alaska #Caralyne #Family #Owen

Both Juneau and Skagway are tourist towns. the main streets are lined with cheap jewelry stores and gift shops hocking Ammolite stones and the Ulu cutting tool. This “knife” must be incredibly cheap to manufacture, or the cruise ship got a great deal on a bulk purchase. The did a demo of using it, and while the chief hypes it up with how easy it is to chop an onion, the way he holds the blade, by one of the sharp tips itself, seems pretty dangerous.

alaskan vacation part 2 the cruise day 45 at sea

2009-06-01 | #Caralyne #Family #Owen

Our ship is named “Rhapsody of the Seas”, and I can’t stop re-wording it as Rapture of the Seas, which would be more appropriate for these two days at sea. Most people we came with got sea sick, Michele got sick from the food. I didn’t get sea sick, that part of swaying back and forth doesn’t bother me, I did jog on a treadmill during some pretty choppy waters and that was interesting :) I was also listening to a funny podcast, so I was jogging, balancing, and laughing all at once.

alaskan vacation part 1 the drive day 3 seattle

2009-05-31 | #Caralyne #Family #Owen #Seattle

The previous night I was lucky enough to get out for a jog :) and Portland is pretty nice, that is until I hit a truck stop type of road (which is odd, I guess I just naturally find myself in this places). I made a full circle back to the hotel at that point anyway, so the jog was shorter than I had wanted (and I ended up adding 30 minutes to the total on a treadmill that night), but it was nice to get out and see some of Portland and not get completely lost.

alaskan vacation part 1 the drive day 2 portland oregon

2009-05-21 | #Caralyne #Childrens Museum #Family #Oregon #Owen #Portland

The drive to Portland was really nice. The best part about drive NORTH on I5 from California, is that it gets prettier the farther you go. Oregon is a beautiful state, I’m really going to dislike the drive back home (view wise that is, otherwise, I’ll be ready :) ). We had timed it really well, we left right before Owen was ready for a nap. He slept most of the way, and then we kept him busy with a bottle and toys.

alaskan vacation part one day one eugene oregon

2009-05-21 | #Family

We are driving up to Seattle to catch our cruise ship. Our “Vay-Kay”, as my sister Jessica was trying to get Caralyne to say. We’ll be on a 7 day cruise up the coast of Alaska, and the first part of that is driving from Antioch to Seattle. It should be really nice. I’m also going with 12 or so of my In Laws. This, like any good HP Lovecraft journal, will document my path to insanity.