china trip day one and two

2006-06-27 | #China Trip #mark #Shi Cha Hai #Wushu #Wushu

The internet connection here has been down for the last full day, but not much besides training anyways. It was kind of odd to first walk in the main wushu hall, it felt like I was walking onto a movie set. I’ve watched countless wushu clips of the Beijing team in that same location. Practice was good, we do one morning class (9am - 11:30) everyday, then we alternate an evening (7:30pm - 9 ) and afternoon ( 2:30pm - 5:30 ) every other day.

china trip arrival and settling in

2006-06-25 | #China Trip #Shi Cha Hai #the great wall #Wushu #Wushu

Hurray, Beijing! Shi Cha Hai, a sports institute The flight from SFO was pretty boring, and long, but I had a very hyper 4 year old sitting in front of me to keep me awake. Her name was Odelia, and it took 5 attempts to get a picture of her since she thought it was a game. 4 hours of peek a boo I dont think she stopped moving the entire flight, she was constantly peeking over and giggling at me.