Wushu West 2007 06 19


Well, around 4:30 Michele called me to say that she would get the kids from my Mom’s place, and she then encouraged me to go to wushu.


So, I got there a few minutes after 6, Peter was there with the kids so I did the warm up with them. Jogged around, did a little jump rope, and then really tried to stretch out my very painful right leg. Jane has a similar injury, so we did as much as we could to loosen up our right side. Isao got stuck in traffic so he wasn’t there till close to 7pm, so thats about when we started class.

Easy class really, we didn’t have the carpets so we all tried to be careful to not slip and hurt ourselves. We did all the basics, a little jumping, and worked on the compulsory long first form. We all sort of walked through it because (EA)John had a few questions, and well, its just fun to do :)

At the end, Umaru and I did a lot of target pad kicking and that was a good workout, and we closed up around 9 or so.

And I got an email from James, so here are some new pictures he sent me:

James says the sanda stuff there is really kick ass, and he’s REALLY impressed with all the sanda guys who can also do some nice clean wushu stuff. Thats really cool, can’t wait till he comes back to share the knowledge.