Young Sherlock Holmes


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Young Sherlock Holmes

After playing the game, I got a hankering for one of my cherished childhood movies, Young Sherlock Holmes. I could have pulled out the laserdisc player, dusted off my LD copy of YSH, hooked up the player via svideo to my tv… aww thats a lot of work. They recently released it on DVD so I’ll just grab that.

I’ve bitched about DVD covers before, mostly Jet Li movies, but the new cover:

Terrible DVD cover

Its horrible compared to the original movie sheet (the one I used above). Looks like some cheap Disney “My Dog Spot” cover. Thats just a minor annoyance, what was really bad was the video transfer. The laserdisc was the source! Thats right, the same LD I have in my collection was used as the master for this dvd.

Maybe then next release will get better treatment, but I was a little disappointed.

One thing I did get out of this viewing is that I watched it until the credits were finished, something I’ve never done before with this movie. Well, now I feel stupid it took me this long to watched it to the end, because there is a little surprise at the end.