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I’ve been in training all week, the RedHat RH300, something like that. So, since it’s not polite to “blog” during classtime, and I don’t want people looking over my shoulder anyway, no updates this week. Well, except now, but that’s because I had to make it back to my desk to work on testing out the Exchange server.

Wushu West 2007-03-18

2007-03-18 | #wushu

Since I missed thursday’s class (I had to replace the pilot-light lighter in our water heater), I came in on Sunday to make it up. Since it takes up so much of my weekend to go, I try to avoid Sunday classes, and my body just isn’t used to working hard that early in the day. I was pleasantly surprised though, I really enjoyed the class and I felt good for the rest of the day.

Wushu West 2007-03-08

2007-03-08 | #wushu

Good class tonight, those of us doing th Wells Fargo demo figured out exactly what we are going to do: *Front Stretch Kick *Outside Kick *Inside Kick *snap kick/puch *push palmm/punch *Drop stance *Double body turn combo *Long fist combo *jumps *front *inside *butterfly *cartwheel *Forms We also got to watch those who are competing kill themselves, they did their form 3 times, and on the 3rd time they had to do two more sections.

Sherlock Holmes the Awakened

2007-02-03 | #Games

Sherlock Holmes - The Awakened A solid adventure game, and it has a price point of $30 bucks, AND you can download the game from the companies online store. I could only be a little happier if it showed up on Steam just so I could manage it there. So you play mainly as Sherlock, and sometimes as Doctor Watson, to investigate a kidnapping. Turns into a great HP Lovecraft inspired horror with dismemberment, sacrifices, and you also visit an asylum.

The Fountain

2007-02-02 | #movies

The Fountain People either loved this movie, or hated it. I don’t I hated it, and I didn’t like it. I’m just glad I got it out of they way. I was going to watch it with Michele, but last time I watched a artsy movie like this with her was David Cronenberg’s Spider. She STILL mentions that movie incident to this day. I told her there was a high risk of this being a waisted 2 hours, so she went off to do something else.

STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl

2007-02-01 | #Games #Reviews

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl I’m about to subscribe to my theory of if ( isRPG( game ) && NumberOfBugs( game ) >= 20 ) isGreat( game ) else return isMediocre; because most of my favorite games ( which are almost always RPG based ) are released with a lot of scrīpting, dialog, and a few very critical bugs. I’m always willing to play the game despite its flaws, and I don’t mind starting all over from scratch since the first run is spent getting used to the style and environment of the game.

wushu west 2007 01 09

2007-01-30 | #Wushu

I had a pretty long night, Pierre was sick and Peter is out of town so Patti asked if I could be there by 5:30 to help get the carpets ready and help out with the beginners class. Thankfully Lynda was there, so really, I just participated in the class like a regular student :) After some running, dodge ball (with really light foam balls, first time no one got hurt), then a good round of wushu tag everyone had sufficiently warmed up and went on to stretching.

wushu west 2007 01 11

2007-01-30 | #Wushu

Most people went to the Crucible’s second showing tonight, so Patti had asked if Jane and I could take care of the beginners class. Pierre and I got there the same time and he helped me roll out the carpets, James dropped by for a few minutes. He gave us a quick run down of the show and said the fight set Wushu West does is incredible. James is also leaving for Thailand for 2 months, so I hope he comes back in one piece.

Wushu West Cao Yue Seminar Wu Long Tong Hua Pao

2007-01-27 | #wushu

Wow Alright, I’ll divulge a bit more information. The class first started off with a good pep talk from Wu Bin, he said he would like to see the US place in the top 3 :) ( because we know who #1 is ). Otherwise, Cao Yue led a almost identical warm up that he did on Sunday. He had us stretch for a while, then made us hold the center splits while he came around to everyone and pushed them a little more.

the crucibles romeo and juliet a fire ballet

2007-01-19 | #General

[ Romeo and Juliet a Fire Ballet ]( I was a lot more entertained than I expected to be. I went there to see the Wushu West folks and the flavor group, but I enjoyed almost everything else. Especially the chandlers girls, when I wasn’t so interested in the Romeo and Juliet specific scenes, I could just look up at them. They moved so slow and fluid it was hard to notice when they changed positions.