Wushu West 2007 04 17

2007-04-17 | #wushu

Class started off a little different, we did a quick jog inside, VERY litle warmup stretching, and right into relays. They were nice, we had to jump over 3 staff’s ( they were resting on 2 chairs ), then crawl under, then hop with one foot over them with a medicine ball. It was actually pretty exhausting, and my legs were still sore from Sunday’s weight lifting session. The we did the drop-stance combo around the room twice, the the 5 stance combo.

Weightlifting With George


I went back to Golds Gym in mountain view so I could work out with George, my muscle bound co-worker/friend. Last time we worked on arms and chest, so today was shoulders and legs. We deduced that wushu is better at building leg muscsles than weights, at least in my home environment. I don’t have a large leg press machine, and that was the most challenging set I had to do there.

Wushu West 2007 04 05

2007-04-05 | #wushu

I took Tuesday off to be with Caralyne, so I was happy to come back. Isao had told me that on Tuesday they had worked on a lot of basics. No forms, just basics. So we told Patti how nice that was, to focus on basics, and she agreed that we would do that again tonight. After a jog outside, warm ups, jogging again, we played dodge ball. Lots of fun, pretty brutal too, and I managed to smash my pinkie finger somehow.

CMAT 2007


It was nice to just be a spectator this year, instead of being nervous for 11 hours straight, I got to kick back and enjoy a few hours of it. I got there later than I wanted too but it was un avoidable. Michele had to go to a seminar on child development (sort of like a 1 day conference actually, with a bunch of workshops), and my Mom wanted to take Caralyne to a babyshower anyway ( she was sorry that was on the same day as CMAT, she wanted to see it and take Caralyne for me).

Training and Other Work Stuff


I’ve been in training all week, the RedHat RH300, something like that. So, since it’s not polite to “blog” during classtime, and I don’t want people looking over my shoulder anyway, no updates this week. Well, except now, but that’s because I had to make it back to my desk to work on testing out the Exchange server.

Wushu West 2007-03-18

2007-03-18 | #wushu

Since I missed thursday’s class (I had to replace the pilot-light lighter in our water heater), I came in on Sunday to make it up. Since it takes up so much of my weekend to go, I try to avoid Sunday classes, and my body just isn’t used to working hard that early in the day. I was pleasantly surprised though, I really enjoyed the class and I felt good for the rest of the day.

Wushu West 2007-03-08

2007-03-08 | #wushu

Good class tonight, those of us doing th Wells Fargo demo figured out exactly what we are going to do: *Front Stretch Kick *Outside Kick *Inside Kick *snap kick/puch *push palmm/punch *Drop stance *Double body turn combo *Long fist combo *jumps *front *inside *butterfly *cartwheel *Forms We also got to watch those who are competing kill themselves, they did their form 3 times, and on the 3rd time they had to do two more sections.

Sherlock Holmes the Awakened

2007-02-03 | #Games

Sherlock Holmes - The Awakened A solid adventure game, and it has a price point of $30 bucks, AND you can download the game from the companies online store. I could only be a little happier if it showed up on Steam just so I could manage it there. So you play mainly as Sherlock, and sometimes as Doctor Watson, to investigate a kidnapping. Turns into a great HP Lovecraft inspired horror with dismemberment, sacrifices, and you also visit an asylum.

The Fountain

2007-02-02 | #movies

The Fountain People either loved this movie, or hated it. I don’t I hated it, and I didn’t like it. I’m just glad I got it out of they way. I was going to watch it with Michele, but last time I watched a artsy movie like this with her was David Cronenberg’s Spider. She STILL mentions that movie incident to this day. I told her there was a high risk of this being a waisted 2 hours, so she went off to do something else.

STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl

2007-02-01 | #Games #Reviews

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl I’m about to subscribe to my theory of if ( isRPG( game ) && NumberOfBugs( game ) >= 20 ) isGreat( game ) else return isMediocre; because most of my favorite games ( which are almost always RPG based ) are released with a lot of scrīpting, dialog, and a few very critical bugs. I’m always willing to play the game despite its flaws, and I don’t mind starting all over from scratch since the first run is spent getting used to the style and environment of the game.