64bit nvidia driver for freebsd

2009-12-05 | #FreeBSD #Geekyness #nvidia

I’ve always had a vested interest in the entire nvidia display driver for FreeBSD project, and I’ve pretty attached to the project. So much, that back in 2001 I started a little petition, got enough attention (and more importantly, a large list of people who signed my petition), and ever since 2002 FreeBSD users have been able to use high quality nvidia drivers. It wasn’t all me, whoever ran nvidia.netexplorer.org asked me to combine efforts, and I gave them my list, and they continued to market it and work with some folks at nvidia.

freebsd 8 0 is available

2009-11-23 | #FreeBSD #Geekyness

So, it looks like FreeBSD 8.0 has been pre-released; the official date is going to be 11/25, as noted in src/UPDATING: Updating Information for FreeBSD current users This file is maintained and copyrighted by M. Warner Losh . See end of file for further details. For commonly done items, please see the COMMON ITEMS: section later in the file. Items affecting the ports and packages system can be found in /usr/ports/UPDATING.

gone fishin

2009-11-08 | #Family

[caption id=“attachment_583” align=“aligncenter” width=“150” caption=“Rudy does not approve of our aquatic activities”][/caption] My parents had my nephews this weekend, so my Step Dad called me around 10 this morning to ask if Caralyne and I wanted to go fishing with him and the boys. Caralyne seemed really excited about the idea of going on a boat and fishing, so we got ready and met them at their house. [caption id=“attachment_584” align=“aligncenter” width=“300” caption=“Getting suited up, safety first…”][/caption]

the coffee experiment

2009-11-01 | #blind taste test #coffee #Geekyness #Good Eats #the scientific method

Step 1: The Question Background: I was watching a new episode of Good Eats (Season 13, Episode 7) and Alton Brown was going over a good coffee recipe he called “Man Coffee”. It had a decent ratio of grounds to water, a coarse grind, and he employed the use of a French Press. Then, to my surprise, he added a bit of Kosher Salt. So, being the unapologetic AB fan that I am, I decided to see how the addition of salt would taste.

windows 7

2009-10-29 | #Geekyness #Packard Bell #timeline #Windows 7

I’ve been a “PC” user since I was in grade school. Well, technically, the first computer I owned was a hand-me-down Atari ST that had a broken printer and a flight simulator. That almost makes me a “Mac” user since it was based on the same hardware (Motorola 68K cpu). All of my (3) friends had computers, all PC’s running DOS, and their primary motivation was to play all of the cool adventure games from Sierra Entertainment.

random pictures

2009-10-11 | #Family

I saw one of my Wushu Buddies picture on facebook (James). The picture is him as an angst filled teenager, with a closely shaved head and a goatee, playing an electric guitar. I sported a similar look, and I play as well, so that prompted me to dig through some old photos. I only have one picture of me during that time (I never owned a camera until 2000): [caption id=“attachment_543” align=“aligncenter” width=“573” caption=“Glenn, John and Me”][/caption]


2009-10-07 | #Movies

I like to watch horror movies from other countries, and not just Asia (the entire J-Horror category is getting absurd). They tend to have different dogma’s in them, or cultural references that I’ve never heard of. This is a Swedish movie (Yay subtitles!!), and it takes place after The Great Norther War (1780?). Sweden and Russia are drawing new territory lines post-war, and a group from each respective country has to survey the land and get any town or village on the border to sign an agreement about the new lines.

i sell the dead

2009-10-06 | #Movies

It’s October, and that means I naturally start to gravitate towards horror movies. Ahh, it feels so good :) The smell of a smoldering chimney is in the air, or someone is burning evidence… I Sell The Dead is about two grave robbers, one of the two is eventually arrested and tried for murder. He tells his story to a priest, hours before his planned execution. Oh, its not as serious as it sounds, its pretty funny.

x men origins wolverine

2009-10-05 | #Movies #stupid

I was conflicted about posting a little blurb about this movie. I wanted to actually post some other movies, good ones, and I felt it was only fair to also post a little something about this one. If I don’t like a movie, I usually just don’t bother with a post. I think this is the first movie in which I was so disappointed with, I had to at least get that out there before I posted anything else.


2009-10-04 | #FreeBSD #Geekyness #Jenny #kickassery #port management #Puppet #Ruby

This was a very cool conference. I picked up a lot of useful information on both the open source tool, Puppet, and some ideas on infrastructure. What also made this conference unique, is how honest the Puppet team and community were about the projects strength and weaknesses. Those that have deployed Puppet on a larger scale (MessageOne and Google) seemed to go through the same iterations in attempting to scale out their Puppetmaster’s.