2022 Lifting Progress


Previous years, I have primarily had a focus on Deadlifts and Squats. They are my personal favorites. I feel like I get a lot of mileage out of them. After a few years of slow by steady progress with my deadlift and squat progress, I had noticed that my bench press and overhead press had become stagnant. Max bench press from 2016 - 2021 was 255. No more, no less.

I Use This

2022-12-01 | #Desktop #Development #Geekyness #Linux #Work

This post is in the spirit of usesthis.com, because after working at Blizzard for a while I wanted to share the setup I’ve currently settled on and why. What I Do I’m a Site Reliability Engineer, and my day to day workload consists of: System troubleshooting (k8s, containers, vm’s, baremetal, etc.) YAML Software development (golang mostly) Communicate with people I help people solve problems, fix things, and occasionally I get to dive into a old system and figure out what is what.

Curtis Lee Gray

2022-11-21 | #Obituary

I would be remiss if I wrote an entire post to my dearly departed cat, and not one of my father in law (who had a profound effect on myself and the family) Curt was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago. During may of 2021 when we had made a trip down, my mother in law told me privately while I was in the garage putting some sodas in the fridge.

Dead Space

2022-08-16 | #Games #Reviews

Dead Space (2008) *WARNING! This post contains spoilers! I did another Long Jump podcast with the Jump Crouch folks: Aaron McNair, Orrin Luc, and the dark web only Kevin McNair on The Jump Crouch Podcast As this is now my tradition, here are my expanded thoughts that I mostly expressed on the episode. I played dead space when I was still in my PCMR snobbery before we even called it that.

Cyberpunk 2077

2022-06-24 | #Cyberpunk #Games #Reviews

WARNING! This post has spoilers. Both in text and images. Do not read beyond the summary if you do not want anything spoiled. Table of Contents Summary The Game Itself RPG Mechanics Leveling Attribute Points Skills Combat Performance and Bugs The Open World Open World Aspects Highlights The Engine and Details Side Quests Music Driving Areas I Felt Lacking Empty World Empathy and Cyberpsychosis Mechanics World Interactions Combat Music Hypersexuality Ultrawide Pr0n Final Thoughts The Story Overall The Future Summary Disclaimer: I have been a long time fan of the pen and paper RPG system Cyberpunk 2020.

Mini B

2022-06-07 | #Animals #Obituary

Our oldest cat had to be put to sleep the other day. Mini B. Or was it Mini Bee? Or Minnie-Bee? We never really knew. She was a barn cat, born at my parents place in Oakley CA. She originally was going to go to a friend of my parents, where someone was nicknamed “Big B”. So she of course was going to be “Mini B” but the spelling was never established.

Elden Ring

2022-05-24 | #FromSoft #Games #Reviews

WARNING! This post has spoilers. Both in text and images. Do not read beyond the summary if you do not want anything spoiled. Summary I have had the pleasure to sit down with Aaron McNair, Orrin Luc, Zac Frazier and the profile-less Kevin McNair on The Jump Crouch Podcast, where we got to do our spoiler-cast for Elden Ring. With that released in the wild, I will summarize and expand on some of my comments since I can’t seem to remember to mention everything in my notes.

New ZFS Pool

2022-05-23 | #FreeBSD #Geekyness #ZFS

I was fortunate enough to get some free drives from someone at work. They live in Austin, and offered up a big heavy box of hard drives to anyone who would pay for shipping. I’ve had a very simple ZFS pool for around 5 years now, composed of 3 2TB drives in a raidz1 with a cold spare. There have been no issues, I scrub them monthly, however ever since I placed my /home volume onto the ZFS pool, I noticed some large delays when working with a git repo.

Fixing My Deployment Process


It has been a while since I have changed my blogging workflow, and I think I’ve finally made a measurable change. After all, I am an SRE with dev experience. I know how I’m supposed to do these things. Okay, so, lets quickly go over what this blog is. It is no longer wordpress, and it is no longer hosted by a friend I’ve been using a static site generator since 2013, but I’ve settled on Hugo for some time now.

Games of 2021

2022-01-04 | #Games

A few friends of mine do a Podcast called The Jump Crouch and they asked if I wanted to do a quick phone-in recording of my 2021 year in gaming. Absolutely. I also think I can flesh out a bit more since I was compressing as much as I could for time. I went ahead and scoured my purchases and playtimes across: Steam Epic Games UPlay Battle.net Xbox PSN With that, here is the full 2021 play list: