roger waters the wall tour

2010-12-05 | #Featured #General #Music #Pink Floyd #The Wall

As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m a big Pink Floyd fan. The Wall was the first DVD I bought, and pretty much the reason WHY I got a DVD player in the first place :) I’ve always been sore that the band broke up before I ever had a chance. Seeing this live though, that really made me feel like I really got to see what it might have been like.

power steering

2010-11-29 | #General #Owen

My truck has been leaking power steering fluid for a while. An irresponsibly long while… A few months back I told my Step Dad (“Big Mike”) about it, so he briefly took a look then recommended that I go ahead and pick up the pressurized hose, and the return line. Fast forward 6 months, and I finally got them ordered. It took 2 days to get them in. Why it took me so long to do that, I still cannot figure out.

my own fundraiser

2010-11-15 | #General #Music

It was inevitable. Once I started playing the guitar again, it really was only a matter of time until I would want another one. Are we not all surprised it took me this long? I’m a geek, I love the hardware as much as the actual sound it makes. I honestly almost feel guilty, I’m not a real musician with gigs and a fan-base. Sometimes I just look at my Fender, knowing it is awesome enough to have lived the life of a true instrument.

my wtf moment with marc maron

2010-11-14 | #Featured #General #Marc Maron

I’ve been a big fan of Marc Maron for a while, since I heard his “Not Sold Out” album, and I’ve been a happy WTFPod listener as well. Okay, I won’t down play this.. Marc Maron is possibly my favorite comedian. Imagine that, I identify with a insecure, needy, narcissistic, neurotic, head-case who has cats. I’m one step away from apologizing out of anger just for admitting that. The last two times he’s had a show in SF, I found out too late and was not able to make it.

meetbsd 2010

2010-11-10 | #Featured #FreeBSD #Geekyness #General #kickassery #MeetBSD

I love the BSD community. How cool is it to have developers and end users from the various BSD projects in one location, there to talk about the various cool projects and technical challenges that face us now. Cool I tell you! Chris, Corrigan and I went to Google in 2008 for MeetBSD. We had a great time, so when I saw the announcement earlier this year for MeetBSD 2010, I rallied the troops.

the redeem team rose peak

2010-11-07 | #Featured #General #hiking #jen #Jenny

If you want to refresh your memory of why Rose Peak is my Moby-Dick, you can (re-)read last years post. In short, I didn’t make it to the top. I’ll hold you in suspense no longer, I made it to the top, and back down, without any physical issues like cramping. The hike was in fact, very pleasent, and it rained on us but it was nice. Last year’s experience was a really good learning experience, and it made me a lot more aware of the warning signs of fatigue.

third wish

2010-10-11 | #General

A man awakes to find himself lying by the side of a desolate country road. As he regains his bearings, he discovers that he has no memory of who he is or how he came to be there. As he stumbles about unsure of himself, a genie appears beside him and says “What is your third wish, master?” Confused, the man asks “Who are you and why can’t I remember anything?

silian rail buke and gass efterklang

2010-10-03 | #General #Music

todo Radio Lab had an episode on Buke and Gass dubbed ‘The Loudest Miniature Fuzz’. I was so intrigued by that episode, and the music, that I did some googling. What I found was their tour schedule, so I asked Michele if she would be up for seeing a little indie duo (on a Monday night no less). I think this was the first time I went to a small venue to see a band.

the iranian dream

2010-09-22 | #Movies #Shahuab

I just got an email from one of my Wushu West buddies, Shahaub, and I wanted to plug his short film. Check it out, in HD, on the YouTube: The blurb is this: A Mockumentary about a traditional Iranian man who makes a living for his family in a very non-traditional profession. This short is a commentary on the stereotypes, homophobia and taboo nature of artistic expression in both the West and Middle Eastern cultures.


2010-08-16 | #Family

We went camping with Michele’s family this weekend: View Larger Map We forgot our nice camera, so all the photos were taken with either Droid, or Michele’s Droid. Mostly mine, because I had a full charge that pretty much lasted all 4 days (I charged it in the car for 30 minutes one day). Pretty nice for a smart phone, especially since I was using to take photos , movies play music off of it, I’m in love with the latest Buckethead album I recently purchased.