amnesia the dark descent

2011-01-30 | #Games #Geekyness #General #Reviews

Amnesia is a great horror game, and one of the most immersive games I have played. It has a dark HP Lovecraft inspired story that you, the protagonist Daniel discovery throughout the game through flashbacks and diary notes. The game starts off with you, Daniel, waking up in a Prussian castle with a note along the lines of, “Hello me, I took something to make me forget the terrible things that have happened.

san jose childrens museum

2011-01-15 | #General

We took a trip to the Children’s Museum in San Jose. It was sort of like the on in Portland, but not as nice. It would have been a lot nicer if you could get in the vehicles and do something with all the knobs and buttons. They also had a horse drawn buggy, with a big sign that said “Please do not climb”. Seems a bit off, like a “keep off the grass” sign at a playground.

the graveyard book

2011-01-03 | #Books #General

It feels odd to read a children’s book, but it was very engrossing and a fun light read. I blew right through it though, partially because I didn’t want to put it down, and also because even for a 300 page book, the font and text padding was larger than normal. Oh sure, I felt like a literary machine, reading 100+ pages in one sitting. Combine that with a nice cute story where there are no hard moral choices, a clearly evil bad guy, and no big words… reading hasn’t been easier since I read an X-Men comic!

line queue


No cool Christmas pictures or stories, I did see this clip on YouTube and though “Wow, how interesting”. For two reasons, first off, it is cool to see how a line algorithm works. Secondly, it is just as fascinating to hear a reasonable hypothesis as to why we don’t use that. Because our brains are really bad at making good decisions. {% youtube F5Ri_HhziI0 %} Otherwise, there are two (and a half) days left in the year, and that means I rushed out to the internet to make a small donation to The FreeBSD Project.

roger waters the wall tour

2010-12-05 | #Featured #General #Music #Pink Floyd #The Wall

As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m a big Pink Floyd fan. The Wall was the first DVD I bought, and pretty much the reason WHY I got a DVD player in the first place :) I’ve always been sore that the band broke up before I ever had a chance. Seeing this live though, that really made me feel like I really got to see what it might have been like.

power steering

2010-11-29 | #General #Owen

My truck has been leaking power steering fluid for a while. An irresponsibly long while… A few months back I told my Step Dad (“Big Mike”) about it, so he briefly took a look then recommended that I go ahead and pick up the pressurized hose, and the return line. Fast forward 6 months, and I finally got them ordered. It took 2 days to get them in. Why it took me so long to do that, I still cannot figure out.

my own fundraiser

2010-11-15 | #General #Music

It was inevitable. Once I started playing the guitar again, it really was only a matter of time until I would want another one. Are we not all surprised it took me this long? I’m a geek, I love the hardware as much as the actual sound it makes. I honestly almost feel guilty, I’m not a real musician with gigs and a fan-base. Sometimes I just look at my Fender, knowing it is awesome enough to have lived the life of a true instrument.

my wtf moment with marc maron

2010-11-14 | #Featured #General #Marc Maron

I’ve been a big fan of Marc Maron for a while, since I heard his “Not Sold Out” album, and I’ve been a happy WTFPod listener as well. Okay, I won’t down play this.. Marc Maron is possibly my favorite comedian. Imagine that, I identify with a insecure, needy, narcissistic, neurotic, head-case who has cats. I’m one step away from apologizing out of anger just for admitting that. The last two times he’s had a show in SF, I found out too late and was not able to make it.

meetbsd 2010

2010-11-10 | #Featured #FreeBSD #Geekyness #General #kickassery #MeetBSD

I love the BSD community. How cool is it to have developers and end users from the various BSD projects in one location, there to talk about the various cool projects and technical challenges that face us now. Cool I tell you! Chris, Corrigan and I went to Google in 2008 for MeetBSD. We had a great time, so when I saw the announcement earlier this year for MeetBSD 2010, I rallied the troops.

the redeem team rose peak

2010-11-07 | #Featured #General #hiking #jen #Jenny

If you want to refresh your memory of why Rose Peak is my Moby-Dick, you can (re-)read last years post. In short, I didn’t make it to the top. I’ll hold you in suspense no longer, I made it to the top, and back down, without any physical issues like cramping. The hike was in fact, very pleasent, and it rained on us but it was nice. Last year’s experience was a really good learning experience, and it made me a lot more aware of the warning signs of fatigue.