wushu west 2009 01 22

2009-01-24 | #conditioning #mark #staff #Wushu #Wushu

Mark was back, and when I walked in it was obvious that this is where he belongs :) Its always one of my favorite scenes to walk in on, and its because I enjoy the immense pain of simple leg conditioning. Mark is casually leaning on a staff, behind a line of the beginner students, calmly calling out “horse stance…” (pause 30 seconds) “bow stance…” (pause again for 30 seconds)

wordpress 27

2009-01-18 | #Geekyness

So, I updated this blog to the latest Wordpress release, 2.7. The interface is all fancy and it didn’t break my current theme so I’m happy. Aside from that, nothing else has been going on. Work has been fun, home has been busy, and I’m still showing up once a week to Wushu West. I’ll have to quickly summarize the movies I’ve seen soon, and since there hasn’t been one that really stood out I haven’t felt compelled to share any.

meetbsd kip macy

2008-11-19 | #Geekyness

On my last post, someone commented with a full article regarding Kip Macy’s recent legal trouble as a landlord. I don’t know Kip or condone what he and his girlfriend allegedly did, and when it comes to his contributions to FreeBSD it saddens me a little. For a community project like FreeBSD, one persons reputation can reflect on the entire project. However, whats worse is that the commenter,** ‘Mr Scott B’**, feel’s its his role to bring this to the light.

meetbsd day 2

2008-11-17 | #FreeBSD #Geekyness #MeetBSD

Thankfully I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn (7:30!) because it was scheduled to start at 11am. I was a little rushed for time since I had to drop Caralyne off at my parents in Knightsen (so I back-tracked a bit), and I left at 9am, so I barely made it in time for the ZFS talk. A Closer Look at the ZFS File System by Pawel Jukab Dawidek I’ve heard a great talk on ZFS from Bill Moore, one of the primary developers from Sun, but this talk was really cool because it didn’t just say what ZFS is from Sun’s marketting department’s point of view, but the technical details its mail peices and how it integrates in FreeBSD.

meetbsd day 1

2008-11-16 | #FreeBSD #Geekyness #Google #kickassery #MeetBSD

I spent the weekend at Google for MeetBSD in celebration of FreeBSD’s 15 birthday. I drove 70.2x4 miles, on a weekend, and for Saturday I got up slightly earlier than I would have for work. All worth it, this was the coolest mini-conference I’ve been to. Of course, the last conference I went to was BSDCon in 2003, and that was nice as well. The point is, I don’t get out all that much when it comes to conferences, I just make an exception for my favorite UNIX OS, FreeBSD.


2008-11-04 | #Movies

El Aura This was a cool Noir film. A taxidermist who is a little unusual, socially disconnected, and suffers from epileptic seizures finds himself in the middle of a heist. Yeah, it is sort of a jump, it works though. Thanks again to twitchfilms.net and their cool DVD reviews.

indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

2008-11-04 | #Movies

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull This was the first time I had seen this movie. I skipped seeing it in the theaters, that’s my usual thing these days, so I patiently awaited for it to come out on Blu Ray. I have some mixed feelings with the movie itself, but the video and audio quality was fantastic in almost all scenes. There was the particularly goofy jungle scene where the CGI was painful to look at, but I disliked the tarzan-esque vine swinging in the first place so that may have tainted my opinion.

wushu west 2008 10 28

2008-10-29 | #conditioning #frog leaps #weights #Wushu

This class was the most intense class I’ve had since I’ve been back. Jenny and I did a little jog for our lunch workout, and since I still don’t jog all the time, I was already sore by the time I got to class. Thats good though, I don’t mind, I feel like I accomplished something big. Our warmup was brief, James led it and since he had a tooth pulled Monday, he wasn’t going to go all out.

wushu west 2008 10 21

2008-10-22 | #staff #Wushu #Wushu

Second class back (don’t worry, I’ll stop the counter there :) ), and I felt I had made a lot of progress since last week. Of course no butterfly-twists, but my muscles held up a lot longer and I worked out the entire class. Kenny led the warm up, and after a quick jog around the room we did sprint relays for a while and then on to stretching. Last week my hip flexors started to spasm and it quickly became painful.

wushu west 2008 10 14

2008-10-15 | #Boxing #Spar #Wushu #Wushu

At last, after a 6 month break, its nice to be back. Once a week for now, but that will be more than enough. I was thinking Monday night about how I don’t have that persistent aching feeling, and how walking is just that, walking with out a limp. Today is the end of that; my hamstrings are sore, my hip flexors are sore, my back is sore. All of them in a good way and not in the scary injured way.