Wushu West 2007 04 24


I’m really tired, so this will be short.

I spent half the day in Santa Clara for work ( Splunk is a cool log tool!), got back to my office around 2pm and Patti had called. She bought a new laptop and was wondering if we could setup a time for me to get it up and configured. Well, since I blew it last Thursday, and this Thursday I wont make it to class due to a dinner thing, I decided to blow off work :)

Laptop is nice, its a toshiba that has Vista Home Pro. and 2GB of ram. James is going to get a similar model today.

So I got to class around 6pm, did the warmup’s and since there wasn’t too many of the advanced students there, I led class. We did a lot of stretching, basics, a little jumping and then out of the blue Patti had us all work on the OLD long fist compulsory. Kinda cool.

After class I went to Daimo with Patti, James and Lynda. stayed there till midnight, got home close to 1am and now im dead today.