wushu west 2008 01 15

2008-01-16 | #Wushu

We have been consistent with jogging FOREVER in the beginning of class, and its actually starting to feel a little better. I also made myself pick up the jump rope along side Pierre and James, and this was right before we did a few rounds of horse-stance, sit-ups, and jump rope. I got warmed up really quick :), felt really good too. Shahaub joined us, and I’m going to assume he’ll continue to join us again ( at least for Thursday ).

no country for old men 2

2008-01-14 | #Movies

No Country for Old Men This movie was probably the best Coen Brothers movie I have seen so far. I thought Fargo was pretty good, I didn’t like O Brother Where Art Thou all that much, and Raising Arizona was some sort of staple back in the day. No Country for Old Men is in another vein altogether and very complete in its approach. By that I mean every action in that movie is done from start to finish and there are no questions left over about what happened.

wushu west 2008 01 08 2

2008-01-09 | #Wushu

It has been a nice holiday break, but it was time to go back and get a good workout. I knew it would be tough, I had done some light exercising over the holiday but its just never good enough. We started out jogging for 15 minutes or so, at least that’s what it seemed like, and it was brutal (for me). I did make it the entire time, I wasn’t able to run as fast as Pierre or others ( I did get lapped) but I didn’t stop and that was an achievement in itself.

wushu west 2007 12 13

2007-12-14 | #Wushu

Lots of conditioning tonight. We jogged around for what seemed like 20 minutes, I was pretty exhausted after that but then we did some circuit training. Three separate groups, one did horse-stance, another did vertical jumps, and the last group did jump rope. We did 40 seconds or whatever group were we in, then we’d switch to the next group. We did this twice, and two times doesn’t seem like a whole lot.

wushu west 2007 12 11

2007-12-12 | #Wushu

I’ve had the misfortune of missing thursday classes lately. I usually have a lot of crap on thursdays, and I missed last thursday because… because… I didn’t want to drive in the rain. I took the day off for Michele’s ultrasound ( we are having another girl! ), and after running all the errands and getting back home around 5pm I decided to just stay home and make sugar cookies for Caralyne’s school.

310 to yuma

2007-12-11 | #Movies

Western movies were never really my thing, I’ve never watched a John Wayne movie and the entire ‘cowboys and indians’ thing never caught my attention. 3:10 to Yuma got a lot of attention, and with Christian Bale in it I figured it would be hard to go wrong. It was kick ass and it made michele leak a few tears towards the end. Christian Bale always pulls of the normal person doing normal things role really well, I mean even though he can pull off Batman with ease, he also does the non-superhero thing.


2007-11-01 | #books

Zodiac Fun geeky sci-fi book with an ecological spin. It takes place in Boston, where the antagonist is Big Businesses that like to dump toxic waste into the harbor. It has all sorts of cool chemistry talk, and that includes the occasional drug use. It’s also a very quick read, it took me about a month to finish it in my spare time. This is a double whammy, because now I have a good excuse to go buy MORE books to read.

Clive Barker's Jericho, and the his better game

2007-10-28 | #Games

Clive Barker’s Jericho I was expecting a lot from this game, I’ve always liked Clive Barker’s horror (not so much the odd S&M aspect though) and I was happy to see that Codemasters (publisher of Overlord, another great game) was involved. The first hint I should have taken was if was also for consoles, and FPS’s on a console are almost always watered down. I know thats a little general, and negative and I shouldn’t say things like that but smaller titles ( not something like Bioshock or Half Life 2 ) tend to take less risks, and a big risk is to make a complicated FPS with a decent story.

The Return

2007-09-15 | #movies

The Return There is a reason why Michele shudders when I say that dreaded phrase “I’m going to go rent a movie.”, and it’s usually because I bring home something like The Return. Now its not a bad movie, but it’s in russian and its a slow cooker with a not so happy ending. She actually didn’t watch it, and that was probably for the best because that would have given her even more ammunition against my choice picks at Hollywood Video.


2007-09-01 | #Games #Geekyness

Bioshock I finally beat this game last night, so now I can resume the rest of my life. Or I could replay it as a “harvester”, which should actually be worth it as my own life is not even close to being as interesting as Bioshock. I could list off a bunch of reasons why its that great of a game, but listing off those things is like reading the back of the box (which I don’t have really, I bought it on Steam ).