Things have been pretty busy, and last week I was in a Linux Device Drivers class that lacked an internet connection. That was okay, I mean you really had to stick your head in all of it for a few hours at a time, and this or my email would have been too distracting. I also skipped out on Wushu for more than a week because I was going crazy. Hopefully the craziness has subsided and I’ll be well enough to go there, but I really was not in the right mindset to show up so its for the best. Actually, now I’m just hesitant to show up and get injured but I’ll just deal with that part.

I did manage to update the Wushu West site, so along with a little page on the US Team Trials Patti is offering a free workout once a month for both Wushu and Tai Chi. I’m also trying to help expand the WW presence to Facebook ( we have a group there now, feel free to join it: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2443264045 ) and YouTube.

I have managed to watch a lot of movies since my last few updates, but I never got around to posting them because of the amount of work it takes to locate an image, do the imdb links, then politely ask my gray matter to come up with something beisdes “It was good..”

But I’m still too lazy so I’ll give a quick list:

I think that is it.