HTPC Project


Just a photo update on my htpc project.

A look inside:

The new water block (exciting huh? oh sure it looks identical to the last but thats not the point

The Fusion5 Lite HDTV Tuner, X-Mystique 7.1 DD5.1 live! soundcard and the Geforece 7300 w/HDMI out:

Shot of Fearless (HD DVD version):

Another shot, i liked the color contrast here:

I am currently using PowerDVD Ultra 7.2:

And lastly, a shot of Batman Begins (HD DVD):

Now of course all these pictures cannot really convey the detail of the setup, and really, it isn’t a HUGE improvement over a well mastered DVD, but my set only does 1280x720p and not the prefered 1920x1080p. But I’m determined to get the most out of my TV and equipment.