a collection of little things

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I have a terrible method for collecting all of the little tips and tricks I use at work. The method is this: I’ll mention that I did a cool thing on my work log. Thats it. No standard tips and tricks wiki page, or github gists, nothing. So, here they are FreeBSD PKG Query When we upgrade systems from 9 to 10, part of that step is to ensure all packages have been upgraded. Read More...

bacula framework on github

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I’m pretty happy with the Bacula environment I’ve created. It has gone through a few iterations, and I’ve learned a lot since I started using it a few years ago. I think its only appropriate to share the evolution of my environment with as many people as possible, and I hope it can help save new bacula administrators some time. Enough of the preamble, here is my github project page: https://github. Read More...

goodbye llnl

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HAHAHUGOSHORTCODE-0xc000f10a00-1-HBHB Well, after about 9 and a half years with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 11⁄09 was my last day. Now, I wasn’t the only admin besides Jenny (thats the email you see there), but she was my closest friend and peer while I was there. There was a little poetic license there, but it was accurate. It is hard to quantify the emotions about leaving LLNL. I do not know if I have the appropriate words to describe the feeling. Read More...