welcome to antioch


For a few reasons, I decided to go through the City of Antioch’s Type I crime reports (available here: http://www.ci.antioch.ca.us/citygov/police/crime-maps/crime-maps.htm).

The City only publishes this as a PDF image, comparing the year selected, and the previous year. It also only goes back to 2005.

To help view this as a possible trend, and not just a snapshot in time, I typed up all of them in Google Docs - City of Antioch Crime Stats

It does some some improvement after a few years of growth, it is still however an order of magnitude worse than other cities in California.

According to Homesurfer.com’s Crime report, even the Sister city to Antioch, Pittsburg had 323 per 100,000 “incidents” in one year (2008). While Antioch had 869 per 100,000.

Compare that to places like Moraga which had 35 incidents per 100,000 or heck, even Oakley’s 248, which borders Antioch on the eastern side.

Here is a decent table output: