my own fundraiser


It was inevitable. Once I started playing the guitar again, it really was only a matter of time until I would want another one. Are we not all surprised it took me this long? I’m a geek, I love the hardware as much as the actual sound it makes. I honestly almost feel guilty, I’m not a real musician with gigs and a fan-base. Sometimes I just look at my Fender, knowing it is awesome enough to have lived the life of a true instrument. Making people happy. Instead, it is in my hands, making only me happy. Making my family and neighbors UN-happy. Sometimes until 10:30PM on a work night (With lots of gain, I haven’t used the clean channel in MONTHS).

I’ve had my eye on a few, and of the few, and I may only be able to physically play one at a time, but I like the tonal variety that only a completely different guitar can offer.

And, I love my stratocaster, it is a wonderful instrument, which is also why no matter how much I want another one, I would never part with it.

Plus, it would be great to have a nice block of wood that also had 24 frets, two full octaves.

All of the above was to rationalize a decision I’ve already made up in my head :) I’m admitting that right now.

Here is the tough “adult” part though, something I’m not always good at, but how do I pay for an expensive and impractical luxury item? I mean, sure, I have a credit card, I could just buy it. Right? I mean, why bother saving on my own when I can do the reverse… let the bank tell me how to pay it back with easy minimum payments. I’m an adult with a decent credit score, what could possibly go wrong?

Probably nothing, but I would be going against what I feel is a decent stance on my own financial responsibilities.

So, I’m going to instead rely on sensational imagery. I created a little thermometer style info-graph:



I’ve got it printed out, on the fridge, red marker handy, ready to slowly fill it in.

Here is the idea. I could just buy the thing, but what I really want to do is show Caralyne that even as adults, we have to save up. This isn’t just me exercising my will power to resist an irrational purchase (I’ll save that for a sweet sports car that gets shitty gas mileage), but it is meant to be big and bombastic so it catches Caralyne’s attention.

This also sort of helps me decided, is this REALLY what I want to put my money towards. Right now, I’m going to say yes. We’ll see what I say 2 years from now (which is about how long I think it will take). Nothing like months of saving to whisk away an impulsive buy :)