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Romeo and Juliet a Fire Ballet


I was a lot more entertained than I expected to be. I went there to see the Wushu West folks and the flavor group, but I enjoyed almost everything else. Especially the chandlers girls, when I wasn’t so interested in the Romeo and Juliet specific scenes, I could just look up at them. They moved so slow and fluid it was hard to notice when they changed positions. Too bad they weren’t in all the scenes. I mean, after the fighting and killing, it goes into the sappy side of the play. Not that it wasn’t done well, it was, but I was more interested in the first half of the play so during the rest they would have been nice to look at. Yeah, I know, I’m a Neanderthal male for it. ME LIKE FIRE! I think the should sell a DVD (or since they are a non-profit, give away when you donate to them) to schools, because I would have appreciated the story more if I was shown this instead of the 1970’s version. See, there was no dialog, and it was just better that way. So when you in high school and you spend a couple weeks reading each act over and over again, dissecting each painful line, the last thing you want to do is watch a cheesy movie adaptation with the exact same dialog you’ve been reading. Just an though. I guess Collin was sick and couldn’t make it, so we didn’t see him on stage, but everyone else was really good. Kenny was pretty funny, he has that jovial attitude and persona down its hard not to laugh when he’s on stage messing around. Shawn Hallman was great though, I was glad he has as much stage time as he did. I started off each paragraph with “I”, it’s a good thing I don’t write this stuff for academic credit…