the graveyard book


It feels odd to read a children’s book, but it was very engrossing and a fun light read. I blew right through it though, partially because I didn’t want to put it down, and also because even for a 300 page book, the font and text padding was larger than normal.

Oh sure, I felt like a literary machine, reading 100+ pages in one sitting. Combine that with a nice cute story where there are no hard moral choices, a clearly evil bad guy, and no big words… reading hasn’t been easier since I read an X-Men comic!

Stroking my own ego aside, it was nice to read this in between the other two books I got. Because they make me feel stupid and put me to sleep.

The story is about a toddler, who after serendipitously wandering away from his home while his family is murdered, becomes adopted by a pair of ghosts. They do this to protect him from the murderer. From then on he is know as Nobody, or Bod for short. He grows up in the Graveyard, and he lives in their ghostly world. Of course, being how stories like this are, he learns valuable life lessons there, and eventually meets up with his family’s murderer.

This is best described as a different take on The Jungle Book.