a nice clean garage



Spring has passed, however, our garage didn’t get its fair share of attention. We used it as a staging area for some of the shed materials, and after I had returned the left-overs, we had the beginnings of a clean garage once again.

There are no before pictures, that would be too horrendous; here is what it looks like now, and hopefully will remain that way.

View from the Kitchen Door

try to imagine the vacuum cleaner is a car

My corner

We also re-arranged where the server is, so I had to shut that down and move it down one shelf.

If you are curious as what the top photo is, that is Rody. Owen’s physical therapist lent him/her/it to us. Owen doesn’t seem to care for it, I can’t leave it alone. I laugh every time I look at it, and its funny just to kick. It looks so happy and blissfully stupid when you launch it into the air with one swift kick!