new pictures


I put up two new gallaries on my main site

One is of the server rebuild and the other is of the family (mostly Owen).

 Both Owen and Caralyne keep michele and I very busy. For instance, right now I’m typing this up as Owen is taking a short nap and Caralyne us playing a computer game. I may try and workout, but the little guy is already stirring and Michele wanted to take a nap so I don’t have any coverage.

Speaking of working out, its sort of weird how restless and ansy I am without Wushu. First off, I’m not sore constantly, and thats with doing a lot more weight lifting and cardio than before. I think most people would thing thats great. For me, its just a constant reminder that I’m being lazy :). Secondly, since I don’t have those two intense classes a week that really sap all my energy I can’t stop thinking about how I should be working out even more. I think its because our classes at Wushu West were so physically demanding that I know how far I can be pushed, and nothing else that I do accomplishes that. I only last so long on my own will power too, I need others to push me. Now with the Olympics on and knowing that James is in Beijing training at Shi Cha Hai, I feel very removed.

I imagine this is what retirement will feel like. I’m like that old guy that keeps coming back, trying to comiserate with the people who are actually working but he only has those same stories and while everyone humors him with polite gestures and feigned interest, he’s not really part of the team anymore. I feel like that, a by-stander.