my wtf moment with marc maron


I’ve been a big fan of Marc Maron for a while, since I heard his “Not Sold Out” album, and I’ve been a happy WTFPod listener as well. Okay, I won’t down play this.. Marc Maron is possibly my favorite comedian. Imagine that, I identify with a insecure, needy, narcissistic, neurotic, head-case who has cats. I’m one step away from apologizing out of anger just for admitting that.

The last two times he’s had a show in SF, I found out too late and was not able to make it. Now though, he makes it a point to announce his shows in the podcast in advanced, so I had plenty of time to work around this show. Good job Marc, your fans bitching that you don’t give enough notice has paid off… Well, for me at least :)

The show was great. We were a few minutes late, which oddly enough got us seated right up front, off to the right of the stage.

The odd thing was, I actually worried about the show. Would I really fine the show funny? Hear me out here, I listen to his podcast once, maybe twice a week, and I have all of his albums… I might be a tough fan to impress at this point.

It was F-ING HILARIOUS. He kind of geared the show to fans of the podcast, but it was enjoyable no matter what. It was also timley that he talked about the Creationist Museum (Caralyne brought home a Duane Gish book  from her school library last week shudder. I kept my cool, but part of me died on the inside) and their agenda to promote stupidity. At that point in the show, Michele said “Oh, I can see why you like him so much”.

He also did some great crowd work, and the best past was after his set, he stuck around to meet people and hand out stickers:


Holy crap!

I worked really hard not to drool fan-boy juice all over. He was incredibly nice, and I left with a really big smile.

Afterwards, we walked around a bit, and we stumbled on a ice rink a few blocks away from the Embarcadero Bart station. We watched for a while, and finally another couple next to us said they would if we would… so we did. I’ve only ice-skated once before, and I’m way to heterosexual to have an extensive amount of Rollerblade experience.


Michele and I taking a picture of each other with our respective phones.


I did remain upright the entire time.

So, we skated for a while before hopping back on BART to hear a drunken Oregon Ducks fan try and pick up a female passenger with just the right amount of hostility to ensure a dateless night. Classy!

Speaking of classy, while we were a block away from our house, we came across a lady wandering in the street, shouting. We stopped, asked her if everything was okay. Long story short, we called the cops, I spoke with them, we all concluded that she was a tweaker since she ran away from the police after she asked us to call them.

What night!