Wushu West 2007-03-08


Good class tonight, those of us doing th Wells Fargo demo figured out exactly what we are going to do:

*Front Stretch Kick

*Outside Kick

*Inside Kick

*snap kick/puch

*push palmm/punch

*Drop stance

*Double body turn combo

*Long fist combo







We also got to watch those who are competing kill themselves, they did their form 3 times, and on the 3rd time they had to do two more sections. That was tough to watch, most of them looked like they were going to die.

I think Pierre and I finished the two man set, and I get to pound the tar out of him at the end, looks neat :)

I’ll be doing more website updates, mostly moving the older news off of the main page and onto a archive page, then for each past even I’ll create a page describing the event, and photos that I can manage. Oh, speaking of photos, I think I need to show Patti Picassa, she has pictures all over the place, and its difficult to find the one she is talking about whenever she wants something new. I may try to come up with a few site layout alternatives, or make a wordpress theme based on the current site, and just get rid of the Chinese calligraphy in the nav menu. Its not scalable, it has a typo, and its a messy javascrīpt hack. Either I’m not competent enough to work in everything patti wants (because she said she wants it clean, and not a mess thats all over the place) or we are not working with the right tool. I don’t know what to do really, it can’t always stay like this though.

Patti was recording the students, and she wants to start putting up clips of the students if it is okay with them. Since I already setup a youtube wushuwest user, we’ll use that and embed the clips into the site. I hope Cary can do the editing though, if I help Patti out before class, I have to take a half day off just to get over there at a reasonable time. Plus, I’m not good with video editing, I don’t even own a video recorder.