Wushu West 2007 04 05


I took Tuesday off to be with Caralyne, so I was happy to come back. Isao had told me that on Tuesday they had worked on a lot of basics. No forms, just basics. So we told Patti how nice that was, to focus on basics, and she agreed that we would do that again tonight.

After a jog outside, warm ups, jogging again, we played dodge ball. Lots of fun, pretty brutal too, and I managed to smash my pinkie finger somehow. We all stretched together, and I’m pretty happy with my splits, on my left split my leg goes all the way to the ground. My right leg, which tends to be stiffer, can almost get all the way down.

Then we did our basic kicks. Slowly, one kick at a time while Patti gave everyone corrections. Next was a series of group drills: wheeling arms ( 20 in a row ), That weird “matrix bullet dodging” wheeling arm thing, drop stances down and back 4 times ( did this twice ), and the 5 stance combo down and back. It was very tiring, and my legs are sore from all of it. I had to sit down after that since I was starting to see stars a but, but then I went into a few jumps back and forth.

We worked on the new set, Wu Long Tong Hua Pao, but that was at the very end of class and I aggressively volunteered to vacuum the carpet ( I haven’t done it yet ). John and Umaru were hungry, so I ( being very hungry ) went with them to the Kabab n Curry place a few blocks down. I had a chicken wrap, that was very good and cheap ( $4.99 )