CMAT 2007


It was nice to just be a spectator this year, instead of being nervous for 11 hours straight, I got to kick back and enjoy a few hours of it. I got there later than I wanted too but it was un avoidable. Michele had to go to a seminar on child development (sort of like a 1 day conference actually, with a bunch of workshops), and my Mom wanted to take Caralyne to a babyshower anyway ( she was sorry that was on the same day as CMAT, she wanted to see it and take Caralyne for me).

So that ment I had to get up, get Caralyne ready for my Mom, feed her (which is a ordeal in itself), drive her out to Knightsen (you know, where Willow Oak Ranch is ), socialize with my Mom ( and then talk to my sister, who was just accepted into Vet school at UC Davis), finally drive to Bart in Bay Point/Pittsburg. Bart to Berkeley takes a while, but today was especially slow, we went like 35mph then whole way to McCarther. So I think I got there around 1pm, and as soon as I found everyone and sat down, Cary pestered me into going to Blondie’s Pizza. When I got back, Patti was a little frazzled trying to locate Mark and Cao Yue. I offered to stay behind and leave with Mark and Jane, which worked out well because I just spend the $10 bucks to get into CMAT and I at lease wanted to stay and watch. So, Mark was easily found ( he left his phone on vibrate ), and I sat with Jane, Umaru and Lynda to watch the Canadian folks kick so serious ass.

I was bummed that I didn’t get to see Collin, Shahaub, Cary, Kenny and Lynda.. well, pretty much everyone. I just wasn’t able to make it in time. I did enjoy the atmosphere though, too bad it only comes once a year.