Weightlifting With George


I went back to Golds Gym in mountain view so I could work out with George, my muscle bound co-worker/friend. Last time we worked on arms and chest, so today was shoulders and legs. We deduced that wushu is better at building leg muscsles than weights, at least in my home environment. I don’t have a large leg press machine, and that was the most challenging set I had to do there. So, I’ll let wushu do the legs and I’ll do the upper body stuff at home with my simple free weights.

Here is what I did:


*10 x 3 Military Presses @ 80lbs

*10 x 3 deltoid raises @ 40lbs

*10 x 3 front arm raises @ 40lbs

*10 x 3 kiddie corner arm raises @ 40lbs

*10 x 3 rear deltoid raises @ 30lbs

*10 x 3 shoulder shrugs @ 120lbs


*10 x 3 leg presses @ 245lbs

*10 x 3 forward leg extensions @ 100lbs

*10 x 3 reverse leg extensions @ 90lbs

*10 x 3 calf raises @ 220lbs

I think that was it, we also did some ab work at the end. Took about 2 hours total