Sherlock Holmes the Awakened


Sherlock Holmes - The Awakened

A solid adventure game, and it has a price point of $30 bucks, AND you can download the game from the companies online store. I could only be a little happier if it showed up on Steam just so I could manage it there.

So you play mainly as Sherlock, and sometimes as Doctor Watson, to investigate a kidnapping. Turns into a great HP Lovecraft inspired horror with dismemberment, sacrifices, and you also visit an asylum. The audio can get a little annoying, since they use the same stock sound effects for the opening and closing of doors. Also, in my case at least, the intro sound loop has a skip to it, very frequent and very annoying. Oh, and sometimes a conversation between Sherlock and a character is unbalanced. Sherlock sounds like he is speaking through an amp. and the other person is barley above a whisper. Thats still okay because EVERY bit of dialog is transcribed in your notes, along with all their clues you pick up and then Sherlock’s own interpretation of the evidence.

I hope they release a patch for a few of the glitches, but its still a fantastic game. Its played in first-person, and the engine is decent, especially for a cheap adventure game. I hope they make more creepy games like this, and maybe a slightly larger budget.