wushu west 2008 01 15


We have been consistent with jogging FOREVER in the beginning of class, and its actually starting to feel a little better. I also made myself pick up the jump rope along side Pierre and James, and this was right before we did a few rounds of horse-stance, sit-ups, and jump rope. I got warmed up really quick :), felt really good too.

Shahaub joined us, and I’m going to assume he’ll continue to join us again ( at least for Thursday ). I didn’t recognise him at first, with the goatee and all. He now looks a little more menacing.

Anyway, we did some basic kicks, but doubled the amount. lately, we have done just one line of each kick, but tonight we did too and a pretty fast pace. It was pretty challenging and I was glad we then switched to a simple longfist combo.

Our review of the group broadsword set went over well, and I think we are improving. Patti also went over who was going to do what at the up coming performance. Feb 9th, Saturday evening in Marin I think, for Chinese New Year. I’ll be doing a couple nanquan sections, and I should start figuring out what I’m going to do.