wushu west 2007 12 13


Lots of conditioning tonight. We jogged around for what seemed like 20 minutes, I was pretty exhausted after that but then we did some circuit training. Three separate groups, one did horse-stance, another did vertical jumps, and the last group did jump rope. We did 40 seconds or whatever group were we in, then we’d switch to the next group. We did this twice, and two times doesn’t seem like a whole lot. Let me tell you, IT WAS.

After that intensive warm up, we stretched. I think we did it too long because when I got back up, I was frozen stiff. It was really cold last night, and after that intense warm up and loosing the heat I almost gave up. I didn’t think I had the energy to get that loose again and I didn’t want to risk getting hurt. I stuck it out though and it was alright, but we didn’t do any crazy sections or anything.

After basics, I worked on the group dao set we will do on Feb 3. Linda is making it up so she showed Umaru and myself a good part of it. It’s the first time I’ve worked with a broadsword, thankfully southern broadsword has a lit or similar moves. I think I have the jist of it, and its kinda cool to do something new. We did that for 40 minutes or so, my forearms got a great workout.

After class James showed me the basics of holding target pads, and then we switched and he show me some basic boxing techniques. It was pretty fun, and a good upper body workout. I’d like to work on it a little this weekend, just to keep it fresh in my head.