no country for old men 2


No Country for Old Men

This movie was probably the best Coen Brothers movie I have seen so far. I thought Fargo was pretty good, I didn’t like O Brother Where Art Thou all that much, and Raising Arizona was some sort of staple back in the day. No Country for Old Men is in another vein altogether and very complete in its approach. By that I mean every action in that movie is done from start to finish and there are no questions left over about what happened. It has won the accolades of critics, and I will gladly pimp it out. Michele seemed to like it too, and I kept thinking about it over the weekend, which I consider a good sign.

In case you have not heard, the premise is pretty straight forward. A guy is out hunting and stumbles across what looks like a large drug exchange gone wrong. With that he also find a bunch of heroine (by thats not of any interest), and a satchel of money. 2 million or so. Unfortunate for him a relentless hitman (Chigurh) is after him, who is a pretty messed up guy.

Well worth either buying it or renting it, I already want to watch it again.