wushu west 2007 12 11


I’ve had the misfortune of missing thursday classes lately. I usually have a lot of crap on thursdays, and I missed last thursday because… because… I didn’t want to drive in the rain. I took the day off for Michele’s ultrasound ( we are having another girl! ), and after running all the errands and getting back home around 5pm I decided to just stay home and make sugar cookies for Caralyne’s school.

Tonight was good, we jogged for a while, did a couple rounds of high-knee’s, stretched, and then some basics. My right leg is still really stiff and now sore, so I’ve started (today at least) stretching in the morning. I plan to keep this up again like I did last year, and if I can keep up with it I should have some flexibility in my right leg again.

Basics and jumps were good, I did however move to the back of the line. My back was still a little tight and I wasn’t as fast as everyone else. Thats pretty normal though, I’m just not a fast person. I think I did reasonably well with my right let, most of my jumps feel real off now though. I haven’t been working on them consistently and this is becoming a common theme with my training. Nothing feels like it has the appropriate amount of structure or repetitiveness that it should for the amount I am able to train. Two days a week is not a lot really, so if I don’t work on jumping for one of those two days, its harder to play catch-up on a day that we do work on it. Same with my forms, tonight I worked on the nandao set yang bei bei showed us in China and it was painful. Patti seemed pretty disappointed, but I haven’t worked in it in about a year now. She wants to change it up and thats okay with me, Mark was cool enough to send me a few clips for both nangun and nandao. Slow clips too :)

We ended with some conditioning, abs work, I did two sets of 50 leg lifts.