wushu west 2008 01 08 2


It has been a nice holiday break, but it was time to go back and get a good workout. I knew it would be tough, I had done some light exercising over the holiday but its just never good enough. We started out jogging for 15 minutes or so, at least that’s what it seemed like, and it was brutal (for me). I did make it the entire time, I wasn’t able to run as fast as Pierre or others ( I did get lapped) but I didn’t stop and that was an achievement in itself. After a little break I did feel pretty good, and we then did a little circuit training ( again, 3 groups, each doing a different exercise for 40 seconds ). One round was good, and I felt with that particular set I could have done a couple more rounds.

We then did a nice round of horse stance, balancing, side kicks, and then stretching. The previous routine felt like a great transition into stretching. It worked and stretched out the legs just a little so all our passive stretching wasn’t so sudden and painful.

Basics were good, we ran through them pretty quick and covered a lot. I’d still like to work on getting an aerial in the next few months. After that I worked on the group broadsword set, Umaru was getting pretty discouraged about the set and some of the things that have changed, while I understand I think the only real solution is to practise and then ask for more clarification. Oh and practise, yeah, do that and it will work out.

So class was great up until Cary said “What’s Half Life? Episode 2? Thats lame, I got Halo episode 3!!1!”. Keep in mind this is while he butted in a conversation Isao and I were having about episode 2 and its merits. It’s console players like him that are the reason why games are watered down.

Oh, on another note, I updated the wushu west website. I added a page for the 2007 china trip and replaced the photo gallery. The photo gallery could look nicer, but it’s been difficult getting it to behave exactly how i want it to. The china page took forever because it was entrusted to Cary to throw down some verbage and cobble some pictures together. six months later I was still getting grief from patti and I had to do it. Anyway, thought i should pimp that out and you know, let the google search bots know the site is still being updated.