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alaskan vacation part 2 the cruise day 45 at sea

Our ship is named “Rhapsody of the Seas”, and I can’t stop re-wording it as Rapture of the Seas, which would be more appropriate for these two days at sea. Most people we came with got sea sick, Michele got sick from the food. I didn’t get sea sick, that part of swaying back and forth doesn’t bother me, I did jog on a treadmill during some pretty choppy waters and that was interesting :) I was also listening to a funny podcast, so I was jogging, balancing, and laughing all at once.

There wasn’t much to do, being on a ship for two days only allows for a few activities. So I hung out with Owen: Owen likes to play with his stroller, but not stay in it

and we watched Rumble in the Bronx:

classic Jackie Chan fight scene

And then Caralyne and I went to the first Formal dining night, Michele stayed at the room since she was feeling ill from the food

After this week, Caralyne could no longer fit her arms around me :)

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