line queue


No cool Christmas pictures or stories, I did see this clip on YouTube and though “Wow, how interesting”. For two reasons, first off, it is cool to see how a line algorithm works. Secondly, it is just as fascinating to hear a reasonable hypothesis as to why we don’t use that. Because our brains are really bad at making good decisions.

{% youtube F5Ri_HhziI0 %}

Otherwise, there are two (and a half) days left in the year, and that means I rushed out to the internet to make a small donation to The FreeBSD Project. I wanted to mention it because on occasion I get a link back or comment based on the technical blog entries I’ve written up here. They seem to be useful to some people, and I would like them to know that a lot of this is possible because the FreeBSD Foundation is able to sponsor developers, conferences and hardware. It is entirely a non-profit organization, so if Wikipedia can raise $15 million, maybe the FreeBSD Foundation can reach their goal of $350K.