wushu west 2007 01 16


When Patti asked me to come early on Tuesday, I figured it was because she was going to be gone and needed help with the younger students. So when I got there, Pierre and I helped with the carpets, changed and then started to warm up with the kids. Peter is back so he took over, and that was nice. Then, Patti came with Cary… and Johnny showed up right after them… and then I realized “oh, tonight is a regular class”. That was when I regretted not only doing the full warm ups with the kids, but the sprint relays and basic kicks. It was a long night, and we had three new students, and not kids which is nice. The kids are too rowdy and distracted, so having a group of adults in the beginner class would help out a great deal. I should just demote myself back to the beginner class :) We got to start the advanced class around 6:45, and I was already nice and warmed up, so after basics (again), we did a lot of jumping and then a lot of sections. I haven’t done a section in a few weeks (cause we’ve been slacking off), so it was nice to work through those again. Patti asked us if we would rather have the advanced class moved up to 7 - 9pm, while I don’t mind, its a lot easier for me to get ready with the beginner class, take more time stretching, and then work out with the advanced people. This way we don’t spend a lot of time playing games but it could allow us to do more sections and jumps. Thats just me though, and I am fortunate enough to have a work schedule that allows me to show up at 5:30 and go home whenever. Sometime it would be nice to be able to tuck Caralyne in bed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.