wushu west 2007 01 09


I had a pretty long night, Pierre was sick and Peter is out of town so Patti asked if I could be there by 5:30 to help get the carpets ready and help out with the beginners class. Thankfully Lynda was there, so really, I just participated in the class like a regular student :)

After some running, dodge ball (with really light foam balls, first time no one got hurt), then a good round of wushu tag everyone had sufficiently warmed up and went on to stretching. Lynda had to make sure Cybel and Haniel were separated, those two have the attention span of mice and they can’t keep their mouths shut. When they did basics, James and I did some partner stretching which seems to be working out really well for me. He wants to get a picture of my freakishly flexible left leg.

Patti ran us through some basics, she made us do a lot of inside kicks, the 540 inside kick and then a LOT of jumping front kicks. That is really hard to do with 4 people in a line, I was getting pretty beat. A little frustrated too, I haven’t been doing a lot of them but I’m feeling pretty sloppy. We did all the other jumping kick as well and thats about when Patti left… and our ambition went with her. It was about 7:45 or so and we started to slack off from that point on, I didn’t feel so bad about it because I was already tired by then (I had also went for an hour walk during my lunch break, so my legs were sort of weak anyway). I did a section a few times of nanquan, worked on some chain whip basics and before we knew it, it was 8:30. Umaru and I did our now regular TKD kicks with the target pad, and then 2 sets of 30 sit-ups with a 12lbs medicine ball.

Then during the night I suffered cramps in both of my legs, it was painful and I was too sleepy to realize what was happening for a while, but eventually they subsided enough for me to get back to sleep.