wushu west 2007 01 14


Went back for another “Self Defense” class with Ron Dong, so I came around 12:00 to warm up. I got in a few jump ropes when Patti had asked me to help out one of the newer students (and I can never remember her name) with her staff basics. Its actually hard for me to explain how to do something, and according to others, its not just wushu :) I have a hard time saying what I mean with just about everything, from computers to wushu. One problem she had though is she would start off fine with her flowers or reverse flowers, and then sort of stare off to the side and pay attention to other people, and thats about when she would get wild and dangerous with her motions. So, I would try to focus her attention back on her movements but that wouldn’t last too long. My arm started to get sore along with hers eventually :) We did it for about 15-20 minutes or so non stop. By then, Ron had showed up and I went to stretch and try to warm up again. Pierre kept trying to get me to submit myself to Ron’s hand held shocker. He insisted it was for treatment, and it would help out my back, but I refuse all forms of treatment. Especially when they involve more pain on my behalf, no, my back has been feeling just fine for the past few weeks so I don’t require any sort of treatment. When the class started, I paired off with James and we worked on a two step combo. James and I messed around a bit and did a little sparring, just you know, try to grab or slap the other persons hand. After a while Ron came to us and asked if we had questions so I asked about the gorilla and crane hand movements James was referring too, and why we did certain things. It was informative and it gave him the oppertunity to weave a few stories of his own while he was showing me the movements. John Woo should get a hold of that guy, he has a story for everything :) And he makes it all exciting, I expect Chow Yun Fat to pop up in his stories and unload a clip or two into a bar patron while Ron and his band of students dodge all of them and take out the rest of the bar patrons HK style.