indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This was the first time I had seen this movie. I skipped seeing it in the theaters, that’s my usual thing these days, so I patiently awaited for it to come out on Blu Ray. I have some mixed feelings with the movie itself, but the video and audio quality was fantastic in almost all scenes. There was the particularly goofy jungle scene where the CGI was painful to look at, but I disliked the tarzan-esque vine swinging in the first place so that may have tainted my opinion.

The story itself I was sometimes disappointed with, and other times I liked it. I had no problem with Shia LeBouf, or his role in the movie. I thought it worked and I liked all of their dialog. I still liked Harrison Ford as Indy, his voice did sound very old but it wasn’t distracting. I didn’t like the Alien angle, the ending, and the abuse of our suspension of disbelief. The previous Indy movies had a lot of over the top stunts, but they were still believable. In this one, it was just too much for me. The vine swinging, the sword fighting on top of moving vehicle, the terrible little groundhogs in the beginning…

I still kind of enjoyed it, I’m just dissapointed the took what, close to twenty years to make another, and THIS is what they gave us. I guess I expected more.