wushu west 2008 10 28


This class was the most intense class I’ve had since I’ve been back. Jenny and I did a little jog for our lunch workout, and since I still don’t jog all the time, I was already sore by the time I got to class. Thats good though, I don’t mind, I feel like I accomplished something big.

Our warmup was brief, James led it and since he had a tooth pulled Monday, he wasn’t going to go all out. I think he forgot all about his pledge to not over do it half way through class, but more on that. We did some sprint relays with a 15lbs medicine ball, frog leaps (TWICE!), regular sprint relays.

I was already on empty by this time, so I was really glad that instead of the normal basics, we worked with leg weights and did 20 kicks for each leg. We did front-stretch, side kick, and outside. James has a pretty impressive side kick on both sides, I’ve got my one and it would be nice if the other leg would tear already. Then we did a lot of jumps and cartwheels, Patti also made up a little combo for everyone to try (that was a lot of fun). After all that I had to sit down, which was cool because it was about 8:50 anyway, it was hard for me to go any more.

James finished off the class with a lot conditioning. We did a couple sets for 50 crunches, some neck exercises, LOTS of push-ups… It was crazy how much he had us do, meanwhile he was all messed up from his tooth getting yanked out. I think he also wanted to pushish everyone just a little for Ben’s disruptive behavior. Both Johnny and Ben LOVE to talk, and last night Ben was yapping away while James was telling everyone what to do (in the nice instructional way). When James called him out on it, Ben kept trying to justify it. Its one of those times where you get angy because someone just lacks a certain amount of social skills. In then end, I think we all payed for it :)