wushu west 2008 10 21


Second class back (don’t worry, I’ll stop the counter there :) ), and I felt I had made a lot of progress since last week. Of course no butterfly-twists, but my muscles held up a lot longer and I worked out the entire class.

Kenny led the warm up, and after a quick jog around the room we did sprint relays for a while and then on to stretching. Last week my hip flexors started to spasm and it quickly became painful. That was absent this time around and I got to focus on my very poor drop stance along with every other stretch we do.

Basic kicks and combos was the same as last week, and we seemed to focus more on jumps. Patti gave a lot of individual comments for a lot of people, and it was nice to see they were able to apply it right there. I find that I can only work on one specific thing at a time, like jump higher, rotate more, keep the left leg up, keep the kicking leg straight… but never all at the same time. For me, just foing it over and over again every day is about the only thing that really works.

When people started to do combo’s, Patti asked if I wanted to work on some northern staff basics. So after James woke up from his nap (he fell asleep on the side while sitting down, the new job is tiring him out) he joined me. One nice things is my ‘wushu memory’ hasn’t faded much, I was still able to reproduce what Patti showed us the first time around. We did that for 30 minutes and my shoulders and forearms were pretty sore.

Great class, it was nice to see Kenny and Felicia again (they were not there last week), and Kenny is now off to Orlando for a competition.