wushu west 2008 10 14


At last, after a 6 month break, its nice to be back. Once a week for now, but that will be more than enough.

I was thinking Monday night about how I don’t have that persistent aching feeling, and how walking is just that, walking with out a limp. Today is the end of that; my hamstrings are sore, my hip flexors are sore, my back is sore. All of them in a good way and not in the scary injured way. My flexibility has gone down hill, and going to class once a week will not be sufficient to gain it back. I’ll have to work on that more during the week.

Before class started, James wanted to start off with some boxing. We did that for an exhausting 5 minutes, and tiring as it was it was still a lot of fun. The warmup was simple and I was glad we only jogged for 10 minutes. I can sort of jog for lets say a half an hour on my own, but their pace is faster and when you start throwing in jumps, cart wheels, high knee’s, etc… it really saps what stamina I have. Next was a set of brutal sprints (with a medicine ball), jump rope (150), push-ups (I did 20), squats with a medicine ball and a little hop.

After a quick water break it was on to stretching, then warmup kicks/basics. By this time, my tendons/muscles on the outside of my hips were cramping up, so most of the stretching became difficult and the outside kicks became a little harder. We then ran through all the jumping kicks and that was great. Lynda stressed that I should take a break, and I did after all that, I was pretty happy to get back to it again. I sat out during the forms and watched James and Josh spar. They went at for a while, it was very interesting to watch and very impressive how Josh uses Bagua effectively in a fight. It was a little unbalanced, Josh is slightly taller than me and has about 50lbs on James.

Great class, can’t wait till next Tuesday.