Gym Class


Since March, our school district has converted over to a remote learning platform. This is by far the most interesting experience we have go through with our two kids and their school work.

Some of the benefits are they get to manage their work like you would in the real world. They can both work on their projects at any time of the day, any day of the week. Sometimes we’ll help Owen knock out the majority of his school work during the weekend.

Part of their school’s remote learning curriculum are lacking in the physical education department. My kids are also my kids, so they both enjoy the computer as a recreational activity. However, this leaves both kids at their computers for hours out of the day. Every day.



I still go out to the good ol iron church daily, as it is part of my routine. Somehow I managed to cajole Caralyne enough to join me.

Overhead press, the hard bottom half

The arguably easier concentric half of OHP

Since we trade off, I load up my plates after Caralyne does her set. I end up slinging plates in between all of the sets, and it really adds to the workout session. Heavy squat and deadlift days are really taxing.

Before she could bench press the bar by itself, I would have to do a round of push ups

Caralyne mistook an empty box for the large box I had her do box squats on. It immediately crumpled but she still found it comfortable

Amazingly I got Owen out here as well. Since our box was taken away, I stack plates up and have him do box squats while he holds some weight. He goes for high reps

Caralyne graduated to the 10lbs plates on each side. This is great because I don't have to setup a stack of plates on each side of the bar so she can just deadlift the 45lbs bar

Her form was looking pretty good for a beginner

She thinks she will literally decapitate herself if I don't spot her for a bench press

At first, Caralyne hated this. Now, she kind of likes it. Just not squat days, she hates those.

Owen has been more hit or miss, and I would say it is mostly because I lack decent equipment for his strength levels. I ordered some 10, 15, 20, 25lbs bars online, but since everyone is buying home gym equipment I might get it in July. Otherwise, Owen should really stick with bike riding and other normal kid activities.

My goal for the two of them is to just have a decent strength baseline. Maybe body weight squats and deadlifts, and if they really enjoy things they can shoot for 2x body weight.