year one the good the bad and the weird

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Since I/we (the family) have made a fairly drastic change in our lives, I thought I would give the “Year One” run down. In pictures only. HAHAHUGOSHORTCODE-0xc0010c6f00-1-HBHB My first day at work, and the last time I showed up before 8am! HAHAHUGOSHORTCODE-0xc0010c6f00-2-HBHB The room I rented while the family was in antioch was a real gem. The manager of the home ripped the bathroom out after he cashed my first check. Read More...

skynet began in a kitchen

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Over the past year or so, Caralyne has become increasingly interested in scientastical things like computers, Minecraft, Robots, Mythbusters, and specifically, Mythbusters! I’ve been using our TV for my own nefarious deeds, unbeknownst to Caralyne, as an educational tool in science and skepticism. Between Good Eats, Mythbusters and a few PBS clips of Neil Degrasse Tyson being awesome, something was bound to stick. Also, as a daughter and child of mine, she is constantly seeking my affection and approval… which I am not above exploiting these features she no doubt got from me, so I give her a LOT of positive feedback and attention when we are watching these shows. Read More...

chabot space and science center

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HAHAHUGOSHORTCODE-0xc00108c500-1-HBHB We did a night hike, and spent the night at the Chabot Space Center in Oakland the other week. The weather did not permit us to use the large telescopes they have there, but we did get to see the perigee-syzygy of the Moon. It was quite large and nice looking, but too bad the camera does not duplicate the same optical illusion our brains produce by making it look REALLY big: HAHAHUGOSHORTCODE-0xc00108c500-2-HBHB Read More...