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alaskan vacation part 1 the drive day 2 portland oregon

The drive to Portland was really nice. The best part about drive NORTH on I5 from California, is that it gets prettier the farther you go. Oregon is a beautiful state, I’m really going to dislike the drive back home (view wise that is, otherwise, I’ll be ready :) ).

We had timed it really well, we left right before Owen was ready for a nap. He slept most of the way, and then we kept him busy with a bottle and toys. When we arrived out today’s destination, Portland Children’s Museum, he was ready to get out of the car.

Why is it called a museum?

Michele’s brother, Charles, and his family also came along




and Johnny

This place was really cool, for both kids and Michele and I. This is sums up nicely why I liked the place so much:

Science rules!

Prediction is right up there with hypothesis :)

There were a lot of cool things for all of us to play with, like ambulances

Owen drives well

doctors offices (I felt right at home)

Owen registering the wounded

You can tune a file system, but you cannot tune a fish

a fishtank Owen really liked.

And best of all, I got my first Bear picture (not polar though)

All the photos for the day can be found here: