Clive Barker's Jericho, and the his better game

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Clive Barker’s Jericho I was expecting a lot from this game, I’ve always liked Clive Barker’s horror (not so much the odd S&M aspect though) and I was happy to see that Codemasters (publisher of Overlord, another great game) was involved. The first hint I should have taken was if was also for consoles, and FPS’s on a console are almost always watered down. I know thats a little general, and negative and I shouldn’t say things like that but smaller titles ( not something like Bioshock or Half Life 2 ) tend to take less risks, and a big risk is to make a complicated FPS with a decent story. Read More...


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Bioshock I finally beat this game last night, so now I can resume the rest of my life. Or I could replay it as a “harvester”, which should actually be worth it as my own life is not even close to being as interesting as Bioshock. I could list off a bunch of reasons why its that great of a game, but listing off those things is like reading the back of the box (which I don’t have really, I bought it on Steam ). Read More...

Sherlock Holmes the Awakened

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Sherlock Holmes - The Awakened A solid adventure game, and it has a price point of $30 bucks, AND you can download the game from the companies online store. I could only be a little happier if it showed up on Steam just so I could manage it there. So you play mainly as Sherlock, and sometimes as Doctor Watson, to investigate a kidnapping. Turns into a great HP Lovecraft inspired horror with dismemberment, sacrifices, and you also visit an asylum. Read More...