I finally beat this game last night, so now I can resume the rest of my life. Or I could replay it as a “harvester”, which should actually be worth it as my own life is not even close to being as interesting as Bioshock.

I could list off a bunch of reasons why its that great of a game, but listing off those things is like reading the back of the box (which I don’t have really, I bought it on Steam ). Graphically its the best game I’ve played. The world details, the style, the art deco look, water effects etc… its all REALLY good. Game play is incredibly fun as well, and the audio matches everything perfectly. The best part is how cinematic the game is. When the game creators want you to notice something, they REALLY make sure you do and its done without taking control away from you to hammer it in, like “Hey stupid, we want you to watch this cut scene so take your hands off the keyboard”. They make the scene so compelling you CAN’T take your eyes off of it. And your actions, when you take the good route, they make you FEEL good. You are happy that you did the right thing cause there is an emotional payoff as well.

Of course besides all that abstract stuff, shooting up crazy genetically modified people is really fun. The genetic powers you get are a blast, there is a lot of things you can do with the environment to either enhance or nullify the ability.

I can’t go on anymore because it wont stop. If you dont have a big bad ass PC, get one. I had a 7800 and that did the job just fine. Then I got a 8800gts and that was even better :) But still, its not a requirement. I could say if you don’t have a powerful enough PC then get the xbox360 version… but I wont. Why settle? No matter what, this is a game that should be played if you like to play really good plot driven games. If you can’t play it, then play System Shock 2. Its a little dated now but it has a lot of similar elements that Bioshock has. Bioshock just does it better :)