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beijing team demo

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The Beijing Wushu Team are getting ready for a small performance, so we all stayed to watch. I wasn’t sure if taking photo’s was allowed, but then I noticed Patti was recording it. The only problem with this demo is that our classes have been moved from 9am ( which I originally thought was unbearable ) to 8am ( which literally is hell ). So it’s an early bedtime for all of us. Read More...

china trip day five through eight

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It has been a very nice weekend to recover, plus the Beijing Team is back from their competition so Wu Di has been attached to Mark’s hip. Its pretty funny to watch those two. So besides lots of resting up, we’ve gone to a few nice places to eat, went to a VERY large electronic’s “store” The Fry’s of Beijing Which resembles a large computer show in the US, except all day every day and the store is 5 stories high. Read More...

china trip day three and four

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Not much happend yesterday (minus the very extreme training), but tonight we went out to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, Shahuab cannot take a normal picture nothing else besides that, so check here for more: