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china trip arrival and settling in

Hurray, Beijing!

Shi Cha Hai, a sports institute Shi Cha Hai, a sports institution

The flight from SFO was pretty boring, and long, but I had a very hyper 4 year old sitting in front of me to keep me awake. Her name was Odelia, and it took 5 attempts to get a picture of her since she thought it was a game.

4 hours of peek a boo 4 hours of peek a boo

I dont think she stopped moving the entire flight, she was constantly peeking over and giggling at me.

I arrived at the school (Shi Cha Hai) around 8pm, and everyone there was pretty happy to see that I showed up. So we went out to eat and then I went to bed.

The room I shared with Mark The room I shared with Mark

Sunday some of us went to the Great Wall, it had been nice and cloudy since I got here, so it was pretty humid and warm but the smog and overcast kept the bright sun to a minimal. I only feel a little crispy.

This is concidered a ‘clear day’ This is concidered a 'clear day'

I was also amused with this large ant

Big Ant Big Ant

Patti then took us shopping at a large mall, but I forgot my camera; no pictures available. It was a nice mall but a lot of the stores have strange way of checking you out. First, you tell the sales associate what you want, then they fill out a little form which you give to a cashier ( usually a small distance away). The cashier inspects the form, takes your money, stamps the form (giving you two carbon copies), and then you can go back to the sales associate. Once you show them your reciept they then give you the desired item(s).

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